Cold aromatization systems that convert concentrated fragrance essence in a dry cloud of aromatic micro particles, so light that they are able to stay in space longer than usual, traveling with the air, and getting a full and homogeneous aromatization of surfaces with very little expenditure of product.

Designed for aromatization of large, médium and small spaces (NEBU 3500 large areas, for surfaces between 3000 and 3500 m3, NEBU 850 PORTABLE for spaces between 700 and 850 m3 and NEBU 350 for spaces between 350 and 300m3) in a discreet and unnoticeable way.
24 h. of continuous operation, also programmable in terms of opening hours of the establishment and the intensity of desired fragrance at all times. Through the air conditioning or directly.

Constant and stable diffusion of natural fragrances made with essential oils in which have not been used aggressive chemicals, with the benefit of a uniform and pleasant smell.

We have a wide range of natural fragrances, of perfume and reproductives (coffee, bread, new car, etc.):Mango, Vanilla, Fresh, Menthol, Coconut, Japan, Coffee, Gelati, Marine, California, Peony, Bamboo, Summer, Cinnamon, Grape, Fig, Hope, Brioche, Invicto, Lavender & Vanilla, Apple & Cinnamon, Arabian Wood (Oudh), Pina Colada, Tangerine, New Baby, Morning breeze, Chocolate cake, Sun Pacific, Mediterranean Beach, Just washed, Home Lignen, Freshly baked bread, Lime – Tangerine, Cinnamon – Orange, New Car, Green Tea, Leather – Vanilla, Oudh – Leather, Lemon Ambient, Himalaya, Fresh Grass and Powder Baby.

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