Proandre SL, Spanish firm dedicated to the production and distribution of hygiene and scent products and accessories for the pest control business, offers a varied range of products among which is the NEO BREEZE AIR FRESHENER (aerosol) for which Proandre has just launched a new fragrance: LOVE.

The new fragrance LOVE is sweet and warm, of romantic inspiration, perfect to celebrate love at any age.

The fragrance interprets love by fresh and female flowers.

The Top Notes are fresh, fruity, with a touch of coconut, and citric; Heart Notes are purely floral, with rose and musk as protagonists; the Background Notes are woodsy and sweet, giving tone ambergris.

The fragrance LOVE is of exclusive use in the NEO BREEZE LCD AEROSOL AIR FRESHENER: Works with two alkaline batteries LR20. Equipped with a timer with three spray frequencies: 7,5, 15, 30 minutes (3000 sprays approx.) and with a sensor that allows to choose the operating mode: light or 24 hours.  Effective in spaces between 25m ² and 60m ² depending on place characteristics and the chosen program. Other available fragrances (250ml): Arabian Wood (Oudh), Gelati, Tangerine, Apple, Mango, New Baby, Fresh, Lemon, Insect Repellent, Insecticide with Natural Pyrethrins, Pina Colada, Just Washed, Cinnamon & Apple, Lavender & Vanilla.

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