PROANDRE’S new URINAl SCREENS, made of flexible PVC, effectively prevent annoying splashes thanks to its new dotted design.

They also include a space to place the company logo.
Designed to be used in high-use public toilets and adaptable to all types of urinals.

Available fragrances: Orange: Tangerine, Red: Passion Fruit, Blue: Proflower.

Fully flexible urinary Filter, designed to keep out foreign objects (butts, gum, etc..) that unduly are thrown in the urinary, avoiding in an easy and economical way, pipe obstruction and subsequent damage.

At the same time, thanks to the active flavoring agents and neutralizing agents that are injected into the manufacturing process, releases a soft fragrance in contact with water or urine, absorbing the usual bad odors characteristic of the urinals and will operate as an ideal complement to the rest of our proposals for ambience.


Instructions for use: Place inside the urinals of male bathrooms.


Advantages: It improves the company image by presenting a hygienic environment in male bathrooms.

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