Recently took place the latest edition of ISSA INTERCLEAN® AMSTERDAM, one of the most important global meetings of the cleaning industry, which brings together top executives from around the world and this year was attended by over 800 leading companies and with the visit of 29,000 professionals from 130 countries .

PROANDRE didn’t want to miss again this biannual event, to which attends for many years, and that offers it the opportunity to present its innovations to a very select audience and also allows it to present its flagship products, that this year are still the new nebulizers of aroma: NEBU 3500 (for surfaces of 3000-3500 m3), NEBU 850 (for surfaces 700-850 m3) and NEBU 350 (for surfaces 300-350 m3), products that are obtaining a huge success in all the shows that PROANDRE attends.

The new PROANDRE nebulizers consist of a cold aromatization system that converts concentrated fragrance essence in a dry cloud of aromatic micro particles, so light that they are able to stay in space longer than usual, traveling with the air, and getting a full and homogeneous aromatization of surfaces with very little expenditure of product.

The new nebulizers are designed for constant aromatization of spaces through air conditioned or directly.

24 h. of continuous operation, also programmable in terms of opening hours of the establishment and the intensity of desired fragrance at all times. With more than 39 fragrances to choose from.

Ideal for shops, receptions, doctors’ offices, meeting rooms, shopping malls, hotels, gyms, schools, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bathrooms, health centers, theaters, airports, casinos, cruise ships, public buildings…

To find out more about the new PROANDRE nebulizers click here:

And finally, PROANDRE has expressed satisfaction with the great wonderful response received at the show and expressed its desire to repeat in the coming contests in Amsterdam.


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