Proanplus Auto Sanitizer


All in one solution for washroom hygiene and odour control. Toilets and urinal surfaces are cleaned while it provides a pleasant scent for the washroom.

It guarantees a clean toilette or urinary surface, without odours while it provides a pleasant scent for the washroom patron.

It inhibits the proliferation of bacteria and it prevents the pipes from becoming obstructed. It ensures a complete interior cleanliness, generating an abundant amount of foam.

It works with two batteries LR20.

Timer programmable every 30 or 60 days.

Security guarantee: with lock incorporated.

Each auto sanitizer can be connected to one or two urinarys at the same time.

Easy installation.

Available in two colours: white and Silver.

Made up with long life plastic ABC and easy to clean.

Available fragrances (600 ml) : ProanGreen ( biological and without scent), Proan-Lip (Grease-Traps biological sanitizer), Tangerine, Tangerine Upper, Forest (Pine tree), Just Washed, Mango, Proflower and Passion Fruits.

  • Auto sanitizers / box: 20 u.
  •  Refill / box: 6 u.
  •  Auto sanitizers / pallet: 320 u.
  •  Refill / pallet: 720 u.

We have available two kinds of refills:

  1. Refills from chemical formula. 2 kinds of Scents available : Soft Scent (Tangerine, Passion Fruits, Mango, Just Washed), and strong Scents (Tangerine upper, Pine Tree)
  2. Refills from biological formula and without fragrance: Proan-Green and Proan-Lip (Grease-Traps sanitizer)

While the chemical products prevent from the development of new bacteria and they are eliminated by draining effect, the biological products elaborated by a natural formula made up by enzymes, decompose the organic matter and eliminate bad odours.

  1. Check every six months that the connexion with the cistern is correctly settled.
  2. Remember to change the used fuse for a new one each time you change the refill.
  3. Do not leave the key in the Auto Sanitizer once you close it. Somebody could manipulate the system.
  4. The ideal product for customers that do not like fragrances is Proan-Green
  5. The batteries should be alkaline and they should be changed every 8 or 10 months.
  6. If you do not use the auto sanitizer for a long period of time, please remove the batteries and the refill.
  7. Never leave the old batteries inside the sanitizer.
  8. Our refills are hermetically sealed in cleanroom to ensure its quality and perfect conditions. Please demand these conditions as a guarantee of hygiene.
  9. We have Technical and Security Spec sheets (MSDS). Please request them to your distributor.

All our products have a simple installation.

They can be hanged by an extra strong mounting tape on the back of the dispenser or using a drill hole.

The auto sanitizer is provided in one side with built-return valve which facilitates the installation really direct to the tank or urinals.


How to use

– Open the sanitizer by introducing the key in the lock and introduce the two batteries LR20.

– Remove the top of the refill.

– Insert the refill as it appears in image of the auto sanitizer box.

– Insert a odour stripe in the superior opening of the back part, placing it through the guides till it reaches the deposit with the chemical solution.

– Press the “ON” button to start running the dispenser ‘on’:
– Select the frequency of use (30 or 60 days)

– You will realize that it is working when it starts emitting lights.

– Close the sanitizer and remove the key.