Proan Soap Dispenser (dual-use: foam or gel)


Dual-use: foam or gel.
Thanks to its revolutionary design, the Proan soap dispenser is commercialized with the possibility to supply the product in either foam or gel, and in bottle or bag, according to consumer preferences.

Soap dispenser equipped with a translucent window that guarantees the correct control of the product consumption, and it is reinforced with an integrated lock. Provided by an anti dripping valve that avoids the waste of the product. Available in White or black.

Features: Simple, easy to recharge and to clean (smooth surfaces). practical size: Model suitable for collectivities. Easy installation. No drill needed. Valid for any surface (marble, glass, tile, etc.)

Several uses: Prohand, Anti Bacterial, Hand Sanitizer, Pro-Dermo and Toilet Seat Cleaner.


· Prohand (800ml – 1500 doses approx.): foam/ gel hands soap slightly perfumed. For general use .

· Pro- Dermo (800ml – 1500 doses approx.): foam/ gel hands soap with smooth ingredients and hydrating emollients of the skin. It preserves the natural acid mantle of the skin, pH neutral.

· Anti-Bact (800ml – 1500 doses approx.): foam/ gel hands soap for a deeper hygiene.

· Hand Sanitizer (800ml – 1500 doses approx.): hands foam/gel for high dermatology hygiene, capable to eliminate the 99% of the skin bacteria without rinsing or drying.

  1. Use foam dispensers when a reduction in the consumption of product and water is necessary.
  2. The valve and the translucent window can be replaced without the necessity of changing the whole device.
  3. Refills are hermetically sealed in a clean room, to guarantee the product quality and ensure they are delivered in perfect conditions. Demand always these conditions as a hygiene guarantee.
  4. We have Technical and Security Spec sheets (MSDS). Please request them to your distributor.
  5. See also possibility of other colors: front cover and window.

All our products have an easy installation. They can be hanged by an extra strong mounting tape on the back of the dispenser or using a drill hole .

We have available an installation video for the foam dispenser

How to use

– Fix the dispenser by screws or with adhesive tape .

Open the device and insert the chosen refill (bag or bottle) making sure it clicks into place.

– Before using, press several times the supplying button .

– Equipped with a semitransparent window that guarantees the correct control of the product consumption .

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