JUST WASHED, the new fragrance for Proanplus Auto Sanitizer

The aroma follows a soft and delicate line, inclined to fragrances type detergent and clean laundry recently washed, with a small, almost imperceptible, lemony touch, taking this clean note the dominant character of the perfume.

PROANPLUS AUTO SANITIZER guarantees a clean toilette or urinary surface, without odours during 30 or 60 days (depending on the chosen programming), and at the same time it gives off a pleasant perfume.

It inhibits the proliferation of bacteria and prevents the pipes from becoming obstructed. It ensures a complete interior cleanliness, generating an abundant amount of foam.

Available refills (600 ml): Tangerine, Tangerine Upper, Forest (Pine tree),  Proan-Green (biological and without scent), Proan-Lip (Grease-Traps biological sanitizer), Passion Fruits, Mango and Just Washed.


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